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Why Choose Starry Nite DJs

8 Indispensable Tips for Choosing a DJ (or any Wedding Vendor)

Pricing - Why Starry Nite keeps it Affordable

Book Your Vendors NOW!

Sit and Plan with ALL Vendors

Be Creative (article)

Hire a Great Coordinator / DJ

Hiring a Wedding Vendor

Flowers after Valentines Day

Choosing the Wedding Party

Who to Invite

Seating Older Guests

Add memorable moment for Special Guest

Buffet line Name that Tune

Be Unique and Creative

Rent a Hall - Save Money!

The Awesome

Wedding Coordination Worksheet!

Cheap Save the Dates

Table Themes and Place Cards

Handling Stress (article)

How NOT to dress the Groom (article)

Day Weddings are Great Too!

Choosing Reception Events - short list


Centerpiece Ideas




Tuxedo Junction (groom Tips)

Choosing Bridesmaids Gown

Why Club DJ Cannot play your wedding

Girls, Don't leave bookings to Him!

Importance of an Emcee (MC)

Remember Families in the Menu

Parts to Reception -Formalities

Parts to Reception - Dinner

Parts to Reception - Party!

Cocktail Music Special Idea

9 ways to save Money on Bar tab!

5 $$ Savers on Appetizers!

Give him a job, and Guard him!

Wedding Daze! Groom's Manual

3 Bridal Fair Tips

A Fun Bride's Guide!

Great Theme Wedding!

A Great Irish Wedding!

Choosing your Wedding Party

Everyone loves a Candy Bar!

How much Alcohol?

What to Avoid at Bridal Fairs

The Itinerary - Your PLAN

Take Off-Season Specials

Starry Nite DJs


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