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Why Choose Starry Nite DJs

8 Indispensable Tips for Choosing a DJ (or any Wedding Vendor)

Pricing - Why Starry Nite keeps it Affordable

Book Your Vendors NOW!

Sit and Plan with ALL Vendors

Be Creative (article)

Hire a Great Coordinator / DJ

Hiring a Wedding Vendor

Don't get Nickel & Dime'd

Beware the "Bait & Switch" (article)

Vendors using Fear to sell (article)

Interview the guy Playing Your Wedding?

A Fun Bride's Guide to the Wedding!

Your Vendors should Care

Trusting a Vendor?

Choosing Photographers

A Fun Groom's Guide to the Wedding!

Why Club DJ Cannot play your wedding

Girls, DON'T leave bookings to Him!

Importance of an Emcee (MC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Beware the "Preferred or House" Vendor

Get a DJ who Cares

Importance of Meeting your Vendor

3 Bridal Fair Tips

What to Avoid at Bridal Fairs

Don't Fall for a Smooth Salesman

Make sure the DJ knows his Music!

Photographers stealing Your Reception?

You Can't just FAX in a Form! -

This is Ridiculous!

Getting Inside Tom's Head


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