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What Happens at a Reception?

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Dinner Music

Fun Giving away Centerpieces

Make an Italian Grand Entrance

Another Grand Entrance!

Buffet line Name that Tune

Toast - Great Key Laugh!

Proper Toasts

Cake Cutting Tips

Choosing Reception Events - short list

Bouquet Toss Incentive!

The Sneak Cake Attack!

Best Introductions Ever!

The Shoe Game!

Don't Stress over Parent Dances

The Anniversary Dance

Intro's - Keep the Bridal Party Guessing

Parts to Reception -Formalities

Parts to Reception - Dinner

Parts to Reception - Party!

the Great Garter Trick!

How much Alcohol?

Guests just love the Candy Bar!

The Great Paparazzi Exit

Photographers stealing Your Reception?

The Itinerary - Your PLAN

Bride / Groom announce Party?!

The Great Napkin Game -

The Ultimate Icebreaker!

Cake-Cutting Songs


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