Choosing & Booking Your Vendors

Book Your Vendors Now

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Long ago, when Michael Jackson was selling billions of albums, brides would book their vendors (and venues) at least one year in advance. This presented two advantages:

1.   They were more assured of getting the vendor they wanted, and

2.   They might be able to lock in the current price (prices always rise a bit each year).

The trend today is booking vendors 4 - 6 months in advance. Many times, we've had brides who were previously guests at weddings we played try to book us for as little as three to four months down the line. During January and February of 2013, we had to turn away 22 brides, simply because we were previously booked.

Once you set your date, book! This goes for all vendors, not only DJ/Coordinator. If you want the best service at the best price, book far in advance.

Plan With All Your Vendors

Your big day can only be perfect if it's exactly how you want it. Choosing a wedding vendor who cares and who will work closely with you is vital. Many DJs and Coordinators will ask you to "fax in a form" that will help them direct the night - but how can they know your dreams and desires through a form?

Meeting your vendor in person can help you feel at ease, and will allow you to convey everything down to the details. At Starry Nite, we sit down together to discuss our comprehensive wedding coordination worksheet. We want your ideas, your song lists, what games you want, special songs and dances, tributes, and any detail that will make your wedding memorable for you and your loved ones. These details cannot be faxed in.

Choose your vendors wisely. Judge them by their willingness to sit with you before the wedding and plan it; judge them by their willingness to give you your wedding.

The Importance of the MC/Coordinator

With Starry Nite, you will get a DJ and an involved MC (Master of Ceremonies)/coordinator with every package. We do not simply provide the music for the event, vital as it may be; we are involved in every moment and every detail of the reception (and ceremony, if applicable). From start to finish, we sit down with you and plan out a detailed schedule of the celebration's flow of events, and then you can sit back and relax as we guide you and your guests through the night. This service is vital to the reception, yet many DJs will not act as a coordinator, or will only do so for an added price.

We've heard the horror stories of the DJs who show up and don't leave their station for the entire night. On the contrary, your Starry Nite DJ will check in with you frequently, perform your main announcements, get involved on the dance floor, and keep things on schedule - all the while reading the crowd and keeping the music on point.

Remember, you are not simply hiring a DJ! Picture this: two minutes ago you had a sentimental dance with your uncle, and the photographer missed it - nobody told him. All through dinner your grandmother's been listening to Lady Gaga, not Sinatra. Now dinner's over, and you're all sitting, waiting for something to happen. The DJ is now busy talking to your uncle outside as his Rap disk keeps spinning in the speakers.

You are hiring someone who will run the show - the way you want it. Make sure you get references and view testimonials for any vendor you hire, and be sure to meet with the person who is going to be there for the event, not the person who runs the company but will send out an amateur.