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Theme Weddings

Creating a theme wedding is an amazing experience, and your guests will remember them for years to come. They can express your passions - they don't have to be campy!

Imagine having an all (or nearly all) Beatles wedding, complete with props from the Liverpool lads, an HD projector shooting psychadelic and Mop Top videos across a huge wall (or ceiling), and the greatest hits from each era playing. Plus, imagine the fantastic light show! Or maybe you're a film buff and want classic gangster movies running behind the dance floor, dance hits from the era, and your guests dressed as Bogie or Cagney. Reggae Rasta, Deadhead, country bumpkin? No problem! With your help, we can always style a wedding to fit your groove.

Local Entertainment for Cocktail Hour

For $200 dollars or less, you can create a wonderful, exciting cocktail hour that even your DJ won't forget! Here are some great cocktail hour entertainment ideas that we've personally seen at receptions we've played:

Jazz Trio. Call your local high school and find three or four musicians from their music program. Or, go to a restaurant that presents jazz and offer the musicians there $200 to play for the hour!

Local Comedian. Look up a local entertainment company and hire a comedian for an hour! Musicians and local entertainers need the money, and will provide a great memory for your guests.

Local Dance Troupe. During cocktail hour at an Irish wedding years ago, we were brilliantly entertained by a Children's Dance Group doing Riverdance! We've also played an Indian wedding where some of the guests presented the entire Jai Ho dance from Slumdog Millionaire.

Buffet Line "Name That Tune"

Many times, a venue will leave it to the MC to decide which tables go to the buffet first. After the head table and parents, we've adopted a fun trick to choose the rest.

We play a song and ask guests to raise their napkin when they know the tune. The bride and groom (or other guests) act as "spotters" who tell the MC who raised their napkin first - if that guest guesses correctly, that table hustles to the buffet! To make it more interesting, we may play an instrumental versin of a popular tune, or use an unknown artist's rendition.

Memorable Moments and Special Guests

Always remember to incorporate your family into your wedding to create touching, memorable moments. When we sit down to plan the wedding, we work with you to see if there are any special dances or memorials we can include.

For example, your grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary is next week, and the MC invites them to the floor to dance to their own first dance song. It's the perfect moment to celebrate both your love and theirs. One groom asked us if he could plan a dance with his grandmother since his grandfather had just passed away. They danced to "I Left my Heart in San Francisco," the grandparents' wedding song. Not a dry eye in the place.

Lighting and Effects

Dance Floor Lighting

No real party is complete without dance floor lighting. It provides a great club atmosphere for your dancers, and it helps to segregate the dance floor from the rest of the room. Your guests have a choice - come out here and dance, or mingle around the rest of the room comfortably.

But be cautious with the lighting! It can run your bill up, with some DJs tacking on an extra price in the thousands. We offer great dance lighting for only $150 - see the photo and video galleries. An extra note of caution: go easy on strobe or flashing lights. It may be dangerous to some older guests, light-sensitive guests or those with epilepsy.


Uplighting can be very effective in turning a ho-hum venue into a dream theater - you're painting the walls with color. But beware, they can be costly. Some DJs charge around $30 per light (making it $300-$500 for the package) while these are simply LED lights with a color programmer. You might save money by buying your own Par 38 LED lights online (approx. 15) to plug in at the wedding. Or, if your DJ charges more than $20 per light, find someone else or try to talk the price down!

Another common issue lies in the venue not turning down their main lights enough for your uplighting to be effective. This is especially common in the areas away from the dance floor, where your guests are eating. Make sure the venue turns down the overhead lights sufficiently, or ask your DJ to speak with them. If properly used and fairly priced, uplighting can completely change the ambience of your wedding. See our examples of uplighting here!

HD Projection & Multi-Media

There is nothing quite like an HD projector to set the atmosphere. The possibilities are endless! In one wedding we played, the groom was a huge Elvis fan, so each time we played an Elvis song we projected the video across the back wall. The crowd, especially the groom, loved it. This can add so much to the party atmosphere, even if you just project psychadelic imagery over your dance floor.

Projectors can also be used off the dance floor. You can plan a short photo montage or play memorable video clips large enough for each guest to be blown away by. We can plan all this and more for your wedding, and we charge only $100 for the HD projector all night.


Fun and Games

The Napkin Game. Read how we'll get your guests laughing, interacting, and involved! This short and fun game played during cocktail hour can be a great ice breaker. Read More

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Dance Games and Special Dances